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EPiX Introduction

About EPiX

EPiX is an Enterprise Portal Integration Solution. The suite comprises a collection of carefully architected modules that provide a fast, flexible and far-reaching solution for constructing a complete enterprise portal.

Knowledge Management is a concept that has developed as enterprises have seen the increasing value that can be added to their business by the sharing of information both within their own organisations and with their partners and clients. EPiX therefore offers key tools in information sharing to improve Collaboration between either individuals or groups.

EPiX includes a Content Management solution that houses all company information that can be easily searched, uploaded and downloaded.  But it is not merely a data storage unit. It also allows documents to be created, edited and published directly on to the intranet, extranet or website, provided of course that the authors have been given the administrative access.

Through EPiX User Management you can control user access by role or by user group. The site administrator can control who has access to different parts of the system and who has the authority to add, edit, publish or delete content.

In addition, EPiX also offers a Resource Management solution. Its modules allow employees' time to be monitored, track project budgets and even keep an inventory of company assets.

EPiX understands that every enterprise is different, and in order to provide a complete portal solution EPiX is able to Integrate with underlying legacy systems. It is therefore completely flexible and totally scaleable. EPiX provides a solution for today's company needs and will grow along with your company far into the future.